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In this section you can find all information regarding to education supported by TU Dortmund On-Board Systems Lab. This includes lectures, practical trainings, workshops and project groups. You can also find topics for Bachelor and Master theses.

If you may have further questions, do not hesitate to simply ask the individual lecture supervisors.




Lectures and practical trainings

In summer and winter term different lectures are offered by On-Board Systems Lab. Those lectures can be attended by students from different studies, such as electrical and information technology (B.Sc./M.Sc.), information and communication technology (B.Sc.), informatics (B.Sc.) and industrial engineering (B.Sc./M.Sc.).

More information about Lectures and practical trainings



Bachelor and Master theses

As one of the last steps on the way through your study, you have to find, work on and finish a bachelor or master thesis. Here you have to prove that you are able to work on a relevant scientific topic on your own and in a specific time slot, so with a given deadline. You can use all the scientific methods that have been taught throughout the previous study. In this section, current topics for those theses are presented.

More information about Bachelor and Master theses



The workshop will take place in the third semester of a master study. You will have to find solutions for scientific challenges and present your results.

More information about workshops


Project groups

The project group will be in your third master semester. This will let you work as a group member beside other engineers. With this task, the student has to prove his ability to solve any problem in teamwork.

More information about project groups

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