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Welcome at TU Dortmund On-Board Systems Lab Homepage

The electrification of the drivetrain and the growing amount of electrical components inside a car, such as driving assistance systems, have caused a massive change in vehicle development and research. This will lead to a completely different mobility world. Therefore, electrical and information technology based research into vehicles has gained a much higher importance. As most significant aspects, energy supply systems and information architectures have to be mentioned. In the future, the need of a mechanical redundancy or mechanical backups will be avoided more and more. Instead, information technology systems will be responsible for an enormous variety of decisions regarding to feature, reliability and safety requirements. Those decisions will have huge influence on the above mentioned energy supply systems and information architectures.

To meet those requirements, investigations and developments of novel methods are carried out by the TU Dortmund On-Board Systems Lab. Our Research is focused on simulation and measurement methods for optimisation and safeguarding of any electrical vehicle component as well as overall on-board systems. The On-Board Systems Lab has fostered close links with industry and other institutes. With those supports basically the following aspects are covered:


  • Optimisation of energy supply systems
  • Signal integrity of on-board communication systems
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Electric vehicles
  • Electrostatic discharge
  • Modelling and simulation


Along with research, On-Board Systems Lab has an important contribution to the education quality and diversity at TU Dortmund.



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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Frei
Leiter Arbeitsgebiet
Tel.: 0231 755-5980

Bachelor and Master theses