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Automotive Bus Systems


Modern automotive bus systems operate with comparatively high data rate and single wires as transmission medium. The guarantee of secure data transmission is a complex task particularly in large scale networks. Therefore simulation is a fundamental tool. Accurate Models for each component of the automotive bus system e.g. transmission lines, transceiver or passive structures are necessary.


The On-Board Systems Lab focuses on the following research topics:

Modelling and Simulation of Bus Lines

For the modelling of shielded or unshielded bus lines for differential bus systems like CAN or FlexRay a system of transmission lines must be used. Furthermore high data rate frequency dissipation like the skin effect can not be neglected. Current simulation models for multi conductor transmission line systems are issued in consideration of the following points:

  • Skin effect in time domain
  • ESD robustness
  • Transmitted interferences
  • Shielding

Investigation of signal integration in bus systems (LIN,CAN and FlexRay)

The transmission of signals at the Physical Layer of bus systems is affected by a lot of parameters. The simulation based investigation of accurate effects of individual parameters is a research topic at the On-Board Systems Lab. For this purpose several combinations of parameters are reinvestigated, the resultant signal integrity at transmission time is designed automatically and general standards for the design of bus systems are developed. Basically the hardware description language VHDL-AMS is used for investigation.


Further Information

Simulationsbasierte Absicherung der Störfestigkeit und Signalintegrität von Kfz-Bussystemen unter Berücksichtigung von Parametertoleranzen realer Bauteile 

Modeling of Frequency Dependent Losses of Transmission Lines with VHDL-AMS in Time Domain

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Modelle für Mehrleitersysteme im Kraftfahrzeug mit VHDL-AMS und Modelica