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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)


A proper Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) behavior is essential for the reliability of automotive electronics. In the research field EMC emission and immunity of electronic systems are considered. The functionality of vehicle components can be significantly influenced by electromagnetic interferences. In worst case it can cause system failures. Therefore, the EMC behavior of all components must be ensured by special analysis and tests methods.

The functionality of individual ICs and electronic systems influenced by electromagnetic fields can be partly ensured by virtual simulations. Also the emission behavior can be analyzed partly by simulations and by measurements. The simulation approach uses 3D field simulation and circuit simulation based on equivalent networks.

Within various research projects, carried out together with industry partners, methods for the determination of EMC performance of electronic components and complete vehicle systems are designed. Topics are:

  • Modelling of immunity tests for ICs and electronic systems
  • Modelling of EMC behaviour of ICs and electronic systems
  • Field scan methods for determine the emissions of electronic components and systems
  • Development of new EMC measurement methods



Methods for modeling the conducted immunity of various typical automotive components have been developed. With the help of BCI and DPI models, the EMC performance of ICs and complete systems can be predicted by simulation.


With field-scan methods much more information about a disturbing system can be obtained, compared to conventional field measurements at only one point. Especially for applications in automotive EMC, special emission measurement methods have been developed. The correction of inaccurate and noisy data and the acceleration of the measurement by field-scan method is subject of research.

In addition to the scanning methods, fast methods for calculating the emission from cables and cable bundles is an important research area.

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