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As a solution to environmental and resource related problems and as an answer to challenges in modern city- and traffic planning electric mobility (“e-mobility”) becomes increasingly important. Therefore, existing concepts have to be investigated and optimized, and new concepts have to be development.

The On-board Systems Lab meets these challenges by different research projects within the topic E-Mobility.


Modeling and Simulation

As basis for simulation based analyses of specific components or the entire vehicle modeling techniques and more accurate models are researched for the following subjects:

  • Battery
  • DC/DC-Converter
  • Charge controller
  • Electric drive
  • Electric consumers
  • Operational strategies

Development of a research vehicle

A standard conventional vehicle with combustion engine has been converted into a full electric vehicle to obtain a platform for experimental and educational use. Hereby it is possible to specifically develop vehicle components, directly followed by practically testing. Additionally, important experiences and knowledge concerning construction and operation of electric vehicles can be achieved.

Investigation of vehicle EMC

By measurements and simulation based methods the influences of different vehicle components and the entire vehicle concerning electromagnetic compatibility are analyzed. Subsequently, strategies and techniques to reduce or prevent electromagnetic interference are developed.

Further Information

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