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Modelling and Simulation


Modeling and Simulation becomes more and more an important issue in the developing process of automotive systems. System behaviour can be investigated based on simulations under various operation conditions. Optimization and validation of developed systems can be accomplished with accurate simulation models. Critical errors can be detected precisely and with low effort. Thus simulations are useful for many applications. In the On-board Systems Lab, emphasis is put on the following simulation fields:

  • Simulation of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Simulation of single lines, cable bundles and shielded cables
  • Simulation of signal integrity of automotive bus-systems (LIN, CAN, Flex-Ray,...)
  • Simulation of voltage break-down and temperature in  on-board power-supply system and system topologies
  • Simulation of electrostatic distortion (ESD-) breakdown


Various simulation programs based on conservation law, field simulations using Maxwell's equations are  adopted In the scope of Modeling and Simulation. As far as possible standardised modelling languages are applied to provide data exchange without difficulty.

To combine different simulation techniques and to accelerate calculation process of complex problems, techniques of model order reduction (MOR) and approximation methods are adopted.

Additional Information

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