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On-Board Systems Lab is engaged in a broad research spectrum. The specific expertise lies in the field of research and development of vehicle components and overall on-board systems.

In this section, you will find descriptions of all research activities, covered at On-Board Systems Lab. As an overview, the following aspects can be mentioned:


  • Optimisation of energy supply systems
  • Signal integrity of on-board communication systems
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Electric vehicles
  • Electrostatic discharge
  • Modelling and simulation



Optimisation of energy supply systems

The increasing number and complexity of electrical components inside vehicles is an aspect, which arose within the past few years. Thus, these points have become a key challenge regarding to research in this area. To ensure reliability and system stability, TU Dortmund On-Board Systems Lab has started carrying out analysis and developing relevant solutions.

More information about "optimisation of energy supply systems"


Signal integrity of on-board communication systems

Inside a vehicle, networking of information can be identified as a key challenge. Control units are depending on the needed information processed and networked properly. Therefore, On-Board Systems Lab is working on the development of communication strategies and signal integrity.

More information about "signal integrity of on-board communication systems"



Elektromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Electronic components must not, nor as source neither as sink, have a critical behaviour regarding to electromagnetic radiation. A reliable function has to be guaranteed in each situation. Therefore, TU Dortmund On-Board Systems Lab is working on EMC investigations of automotive components.

More information about "electromagnetic compatibility"


Electric vehicles

There are a lot of arising challenges due to the use of electric energy for the powertrain in automotive vehicles. TU Dortmund On-Board Systems Lab is working on those challenges.

More information about "electric vehicles"


Elektrostatic discharge (ESD)

Electrostatic discharge represents a serious hazard for electronic components. Thus, On-Board Systems Lab is working on simulation and measurement based methods for ESD-testing.

More information about "electrostatic discharge;


Modelling and simulation

Modelling and simulation is one of the basic methods that can be used in various fields of research and development. Especially in research into automotive, those methods can help to provide powerful design and monitoring processes.

More information about "modelling and simulation"



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